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Nov. 17: Due to continued toner shortages throughout the district, the Print Shop is fulfilling a significantly higher number of orders at this time. Please know that all machines are running constantly and at their maximum speed, but we are unfortunately unable to keep up with the current demand, and due dates are starting to be missed because of the high volume of orders.

Please continue to be conscious of the 3-day lead time for orders and know that once orders are received, they are prioritized based on content (student curriculum is moved to the top of the list). If able, give as much notice as you can to ensure you get your orders fulfilled on time. We appreciate you following these best practices when submitting orders to help the Print Shop run efficiently. To help the Print Shop be efficient, please remember to:
Email files as .pdf attachments
Send files instead of links in email orders
Choose all white paper when able

The Tahoma Print Shop provides printing and copying services for staff needs. Most Print Shop services are free to Tahoma staff. Schools and departments are encouraged to send all printing jobs to the Print Shop, as it is much more economical to print and copy in the Print Shop than it is on the copy machines in schools and departments. 

Under normal circumstances, the Print Shop can produce orders within three business days. During times of high demand, such as at the beginning of the school year, orders could take longer to process and will be prioritized according to student‐learning needs, due dates, and dates when orders were submitted..


Black & White Printing/Copying - Free printing and copying is offered for all jobs done on white paper and on the color paper that is in stock. As a cost‐saving and environmentally friendly measure, orders will be printed on both sides of a page unless there is a specific request not to do so. If your job requires coil binding, there will be an additional charge of 25 cents per booklet. For large booklets that will receive heavy, long-term use, please email the Print Shop about “perfect binding,” a process where the spine is glued and a cover wrapped around. This is available at no charge but we are limiting its use due to cost and machine restrictions.

Color Printing/Copying 

- 8.5” X 11” paper: 20 cents/page

- 8.5” X 14” paper: 30 cents/page

- 11” X 17” paper: 40 cents/page


- 8.5” X 11” paper: 70 cents/page

- 11” X 17” paper: 70 cents/page

Color Posters

- 18” X 24”: $3/poster or $6/laminated poster

- 24” X 36”: $6/poster or $12/laminated poster


The following guidelines are intended to help you place orders to the Print Shop. As always, our goal is to perform high‐quality work to your specifications in as timely a manner as possible. To help us meet that goal, please read the following guidelines:

We accept orders via e‐mail (recommended) or in‐district mail. To place an order, please fill out a Print Shop order form and paperclip it to the top of your order, or send us an e‐mail request by selecting “Print Shop” in the Outlook e‐mail directory. 

Here are the guidelines to placing an order with the Print Shop:
Establish a due date by planning on at least four (4) business days per order. Orders must have a specific due date. Please do not request orders “ASAP” or to be returned on a non-school day.
Day 1: Send order request to the Print Shop
Days 2 & 3: Order is printed
Day 4: Order is delivered to you
Request white paper for orders whenever possible. Please use colored paper sparingly.
For in-district mail or in-person order, always deliver unstapled originals on WHITE paper
Please avoid sending originals that have large areas of solid black
Orders should be at least 10 copies.
Documents should be the same size for each order and a standard copy size, such as: 8.5x11, 11x17 or 5.5x8.5; please don’t mix differing sizes (it creates problems during the scanning process).
Please send group orders instead of several individual orders.
- Do not send requests for an entire quarter, semester or year unless it is a small quantity; if you have a question, please ask us. Please limit printing requests to one month’s supply.
If there was an error in your order, please inform the Print Shop; we will correct it immediately.

Thank you for supporting our Print Shop. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact the Print Shop via e‐mail at [email protected].

Torri Shinnick, Print Shop Technician

AJ Garcia, Public Relations Director

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